Vision International is committed to the future of Kuwait, with activities embracing a portfolio of the newest technologies:  we are one of the leading professional Survey companies in Kuwait, offering a range of Land Surveying and Engineering Surveying services; we are leaders in sales of advanced survey instrumentation, delivering solutions from Trimble, Nikon, Spectra Precision and Subsite.We offer the latest developments in Science and Technology and Construction Equipment and Services:  we are the Vision of the Future in Kuwait.

Founded in 2004, Vision International has roots in Kuwait extending back to 1991, when the country was given an opportunity to renew and grow.  Development since that date has been impressive, with the growth of the Oil Industry, and the expansion of the Infrastructure to keep pace with the increase in the population of the State.  Vision International and its staff are proud to have participated in this development, and are now at the forefront of introducing technology which will assist Kuwait in achieving its goal of becoming a leading financial and logistical hub in the Gulf in the twenty-first century.

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