Laboratory Testing Services Division

Vision International occupies a purpose-built Laboratory at Wafra as its main facility for the testing undertaken by Geotechnical Division. For a number of specialized sample collection and environmental laboratory tests for soil, water and oil, samples are sent to the Company’s associates in Manchester in the United Kingdom, Scientific Analysis Laboratories Ltd. ( SAL ).

Scientific Analysis Laboratories is an accredited laboratory, specializing in analytical testing services covering:

Chemical testing. Testing for Petrochemicals.
Health and Safety Testing Environmental testing of soil and water.
The company has 5 offices in the United Kingdom, and has arranged logistical facilities worldwide to deliver samples for testing to any of these five centers using temperaturecontrolled containers.

The laboratory is accredited to perform the following testing:

  • Particle size analysis of soil (ASTM D 422).
  • Moisture/Density relationship (Standard Proctor) (ASTM D 1557).
  • Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil using Modified Effort ( ASTM D1557 ).
  • Wet preparation of soil samples for Particle Size Analysis and determination of Soil Constant.
  • Sand Equivalent Value of Soils andFine Aggregate.
  • Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index of Soils (Atterberg) (ASTM D 4318-84).
  • Determination of Organic Matter Content in Soil (BS1377: Part 3: 1990).
  • Determination of Sulphate Content ofSoil and Water (BS1377: Part 3: 1990).
  • Determination of Carbon Content of Soil (BS1377: Part 3: 1990).
  • Determination of Chloride Content of Soil (BS1377: Part 3: 1990).
  • Determination of pH value of Soil (BS1377: Part 3: 1990).