TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY Using the latest geomatic technology including; reflectorless theodolites, robotic instruments, survey quality GPS and one-man total stations we provide our clients and their consultants with accurate and economical survey solutions for all aspects of land surveying. Our software can produce data in any format, including Autocad, for all measured land survey types including; 3D digital terrain models, DTM, volume or area calculations, sections and setting-out schedules. Our land survey services are provided throughout the Kuwait and gulf region. Whether you require assistance with topographical, engineering, boundaries or GPS survey we have the Survey Solutions.


UNDERGROUND UTILITY DETECTION SURVEY Vision use both non-intrusive investigations and direct access survey methods to provide a clear understanding of buried services, utilities and hazards necessary for many aspects of construction projects. This data reduces the need for expensive excavations or delays by identifying safe and clear areas for all excavations, boreholes, piles and trial pits. Preparation of detailed digital CAD drawings based on accurate topographical/land survey information can be essential at the detailed design stage to use or avoid existing underground utilities, drainage networks and obstructions and plan new services more efficiently. All our underground survey teams are fully trained and equipped with the latest technology including multi-frequency electro-magnetic equipment, CCTV drainage cameras and dual-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).


Vision International uses a number of aerial imagery acquisition platforms to provide mapping at various scales and formats for clients, according to their requirements.AERIAL SURVEYINGG Using a Trimble UX5 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based in Kuwait, Vision International is able to respond rapidly to requests for the flying of aerial photography, with the height of flying determining the scale and accuracy of the resultant mapping. Deliverables to the client can be either Digital Terrain Models ( DTM ) , or rectified orthophotos, or full, contoured topographic mapping. The use of the UAV makes the preparation and updating of base mapping for Geographical Information Systems easy, accurate and fast, responding immediately to requests by clients. The company also has a formal agreement with IIC Technologies, an international surveying company with offices globally, for the flying of aerial photography using their own aircraft, using an Intergraph DMC II230 digital camera.


With the rapid development of the offshore potential of Kuwait, bathymetric and hydrographic surveying is increasingly in demand. Vision International has the resources to respond to this demand, being able to deploy single-beam and multibeam echosounders from a variety of platforms, from inflatable ribs to sea-going vessels, for bathymetric surveys of both inshore and deeper waters. Equipment, including DGPS instrumentation, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers, CTD units, and offshore and onshore weather stations, can also be deployed in support of the performing of bathymetric studies.


A Revolution in 3D Scanning the laser scanners are changing the way the industry looks at 3D. Both capture high quality scans at exceptionally high speeds as they deliver superior accuracy and range. Users now have more options to choose from to handle a wider range of projects with the same, powerful Trimble Lightning technology, making our laser scanners the best values on the market. Once the fieldwork is done, rely on Trimble RealWorks software to efficiently, effectively manage large data sets and produce compelling deliverables. more info